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8 Hours Ago

How To Remove Old Oil Stains w/just 3 ingredients

This past Saturday, I decided to take on a little project myself.

I had an old favorite sweater of mine I could just not get rid of. Reason why I had to get rid of it was because it had old oil stains on it. This happens naturally because I love being in the kitchen, and cooking, and oil stains, you know how that story goes. 

So, I watched a few videos and asked a few people what I should do. And, I decided to mix a few ingredients and make a concoction myself. 

Three ingredients: Baking Soda, Water & Vinegar

Here’s what I did. 

Step #1: put a cardboard box in between the cloth so the stains don’t transfer 

Step #2: pour some baking soda on the oil stain spots - let it sit for a bit. If you have time, 20-30 min would be preferable. 

Step #3: once the baking soda has sat for 20 min shake it off the cloth into a trash can 

Step #4: then in a cup or spray bottle mix equal portions of water and vinegar. Like ¼ cup of  water for ¼ cup of  vinegar. Spray or pour the mixture on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes.

Step #5: wash the treated area with soap and warm water and let it dry. Or you can toss it in the washer, that’s up to you. 

There you have it!