The Curriculums
ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies

In the past years, our curriculum was aligned with NYS common core Standard. With the rolling out of the New NYS Next Generation Standards, AIS decided to adopt the new standards starting in the year 2018. To learn more about the Common Core and Next Generation Standards click here As a result of our progressive work with the focus on aligning our curriculum to the NYS standards we successfully managed to outperform NYS in the proficiency level we also managed to outperform the region within the performance gap. Such achievement is the outcome of the ongoing commitment of our faculty team.

Arabic and Quran

Islamic Studies and Tarbiyah are not as beneficial without the direct connection with Quran and Arabic. The main purpose of our Arabic Curriculum is to allow for our Young Leader to read and understand Quran, while during Quran period, each Young leader gets to memorize at their own convenience with some quran periods dedicated to learning about the stories and lessons in the Quran. The combination of Islamic Studies and Tarbiyah with Arabic and Quran curriculums result in compassionate and strong Muslim Young Leaders who preserve Allah in their lives.


At AIS our teachers are the lecturers, Demonstrators, Coaches, Facilitators, and Delegators. We believe that the flexibility and diversity of teaching is key to achieving the objective of our rich curriculum. With the availability of the technology and the ongoing training of our teachers, we are able to take our Young Leaders from a class in which a main point is being discussed and researched on their laptops to another class in which a theory is tested through experiment while their next door school mates are getting ready to share their class project using PowerPoint while trying to remember their line in the play for next class in which they have to re-enact a historical event. All the mentioned classes may be in session while a young leader is possibly standing next to a wall with colorful illustration detailing historical events next to one explaining the function of the heart.


A study by Winner and Hetland (200) showed that Art helps students improve visual analysis skills, learn from mistakes, be creative and make better critical judgments. In Annur we also find Art (permissible Art) to also help our Young Leaders in areas including but not limited to pen and pencil holding, Geometry, Science, ELA and Social Studies projects that involve Illustration etc.

Social and Emotional Learning

Young leaders cannot be leaders without a focus on their social and emotional well being. At Annur Islamic School we invest time and resources to make sure that our Young Leaders have all the skills to succeed as they lead. We focus on connecting them with their feelings and emotions as they learn how to express themselves and learn how to deal and interact with others including in times of disagreements and conflict. In the case of a troubled Young Leader, our procedure is more intense with the focus on helping our Young Leader understand the impact of the behavior and its consequences. In the process we shed the light on the behavior without labeling the Young Leader.

Physical Education and Martial Art

As we build the Islamic character of our academically excelling young leaders, we recognize the importance of their Physical well-being and discipline. Our Young Leaders enjoy our community state-of-the-art Gym for their PE classes in addition to the Martial Art classes offered at the school. The Martial Art classes include Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do.

Islamic Studies and Tarbiyah

While learning about the pillars of Islam and Iman through the Quran and the tradition of our beloved prophet Salla Allah Alaihi Wa Salam. Our young leaders learn how to connect our Islamic history and its events with their own life experiences by analyzing the events and their causes and results. With the strong belief that Islam is a practical religion, we at Annur Islamic School do encourage our young leaders to ask questions. Such approach we believe connects our young leaders with their religion and strengthen their faith in their creator.

The School

In an effort to encourage continuing improvement in technology, interactive learning, and communication, classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment which includes desktops, projectors and Smart TVs. A computer lab is available for teachers and students to use to engage and promote the skills in the use of computer technology. In addition to our computer lab, young leaders also have access to our computer equipped library.