Nada Elniel - Names of Allah
22 Hours Ago

Names of Allah - Nada Elniel



Allah (SWT) is the most oft-forgiving to all that He created. No matter how much bad you’ve done in this world, when you repent, His door of forgiveness is always open. And because of that, we humans take it for granted. For anyone, there is a certain number of mistakes you can make until your repentance doesn’t hold any value. We, as humans, get fed up when someone repeats the same mistake over and over again with the same apology. But isn’t that the case when it comes to Allah (SWT)? The only difference is that Allah (SWT) is most forgiving. As many times as you come back, He will accept you with open “arms.” It comes to the point where sometimes we don’t feel like we deserve forgiveness, because of the times we’ve repeated the same mistakes. We feel unworthy of His love, but Allah’s love is unconditional, to whomever, and He is Oft-Forgiving. 


The All-knowing

Allah knows everything that goes on from the heavens to the earth. He also knows us more than we know ourselves. So there is nothing you can hide, that Allah doesn’t know already. At the end of the day, Allah just wants what is best for us. It’s come to the point now where I fully trust Allah in everything. In every situation I’ve been in, He has always had my back and led me to choose the right decision. He knows the future, therefore, there’s no reason to worry. I sometimes worry so much that I forget that The Divine that is controlling this whole universe, is on my side. 


The Responder 

Every dua’a an individual makes never goes unnoticed by Allah. One must remember that Allah is the All-Knowing, so if your dua’a isn’t accepted right away, he’s either saving it for a better time or for the hereafter, if it hasn’t been answered in this life. Either way, it will turn in your favor at the end, from personal experience. I can personally attest to this being true. I’ve asked for guidance on the right path and I found that after every wrong step I make, Allah pushes me back to the right. Allah has not only accepted and granted me by dua’a but has done so for many years. 


The Guardian 

Allah has 99 names and one of them being The Guardian. Everyday when we’re in school at work or doing our daily routine, Allah is watching over us. He is protecting us from all that we can see and all that we can’t see. I was always told, Allah’s love is 70 times more than a mother’s love for us. It is unconditional just as a mother’s love for her child is. We are not all the best of people and that the fact that Allah still chooses to protect and keep us safe every day and night, goes beyond any love that I’ve ever known. I, personally, am not always aware that Allah is watching over me, but it’s a different kind of feeling when you know that God is protecting you all day long. 


The Patient 

The amount of patience that Allah has with each one of us, surpasses the meaning of the word “patience.” I cannot express how grateful I am that Allah is the one judging me and not my parents. He has been so patient with me at times I wonder why He feels that I am worthy of His love. Through all this time, He had given me countless signs, and when I ignored it, He turned me to the right path again. For Him to never give up on me, gives me motivation to be better, not only for my sake, but for Allah’s sake as well.