Dr. Sohaila El­Sagheir


About Me

This is my first year in Annur School, I am currently teaching High School Geometry (Grades 9­12), Maths (8th Grade) and Tutoring Maths to Grades 6, 8 and Geometry to HS. Looking forward to a great and fruitful year with all my students. My goal is to empower students to think outside the box, adopt logical thinking and augment Maths in daily reallife interactions, which enriches their way of thinking and expands their knowledge and interpersonal skills, preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders. In my class, learning is efficient and fun.

  • degree: Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada MS in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University BS in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University
  • experience: 2018 to Present Years Experience
  • faculty: Teacher
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email me : sohaila.elsagheir@annurislamicschool.org