August 22, 2016

Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff and Board,

Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatoh,

On behalf of Annur Islamic School students, teachers, staff, parents and the board of directors (BOD) I would like to welcome our new principal Dr. Sohaib Chekima, Dr. Chekima is no stranger to our Muslim community and as most of you know, he was a frequent Khateeb around the area’s Masajid and was heavily involved in the nourishment and growth of the community prior to him briefly leaving the community. We are pleased to have him back and looking forward to him leading Annur Islamic School as the new principal. Dr. Chekima has a multitude of experience and has worked in many colleges around the area including Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Albany and, Union College. Dr. Chekima also has a mission to instill a strong Muslim identity in the Muslim youth of the Capital Region. He was also the adviser of the SUNY Albany Muslim Student Association which broke down barriers between Muslim and non Muslim college students. All in all Chekima is looking forward to meet with his students and their parents not only on a professional but personal basis and strives to continue on the quest of achieving the school’s mission and vision. Once again please join us in welcoming Dr. Sohaib Chekima as the new Annur School Principal. The BOD is also looking forward to the involvement of the parents in establishing a strong and productive PTO this upcoming school year. May Allah Bless the school and give Dr. Chekima tawfiq. 

                                                     Mohamed K Osman 

                                                     AIS BOD 


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