Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum is designed to help students develop an understanding of concepts in history, geography, economics, ethics, belief systems and social, and political systems. They master a variety of skills such as social participation, study skills, map, globe, and critical thinking skills.

Kindergarten teachers use materials published by Scholastic to teach Social Studies. They also integrate Islam into the curriculum. For instance, students are introduced to the meaning of Ummah (Muslim society) and Islamic duties towards our neighbors.

In grades Six and Seven, the emphasis is on the major Western and non-Western civilizations from ancient times up to 1789. Students in grade Eight learn about American history from the framing of the constitution to World War I. Islamic teachings are also incorporated. Students are guided to compare Muslim behavior to character or historical figures, to reflect on the rise of the Muslim Empire and its influence in connection to our lives today. Moreover, upper grade students are given an overview of other religions, such as Judaism and Christianity.

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