Starting in Kindergarten, students learn about a variety of topics through the Scientific Method. The Science curriculum from grades Kindergarten to Five builds on important areas in Life, Physical and Earth Sciences.

Similarly, First grade students learn about the importance of good nutrition, exercise, sleep and proper hygiene. Second grade students learn about germs, the cause of illnesses and their prevention and how to stay healthy.

The Sixth grade Science curriculum is focused on Earth Science. Islamic teachings are integrated by referencing verses in the Quran regarding plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes. In Seventh grade, the focus is on Life Science. Students also learn about the teachings of Islam concerning evolution and the human body.In Eighth grade, the emphasis is on Physical Science. Moreover, students learn about the influence of Muslim scientists and their contribution to scientific discoveries.

Science Fair projects hold an important place in our curriculum. Students learn and apply the Scientific Method to explore various topics. All students in grades First to Eight present their projects in the classroom and the ten best projects from each grade are chosen for the AIS Science Fair.

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