School Hours

School Opens: 7:30am
All Classes Begin: 8:00am
Dismissal: 3:30pm-3:45pm

Being on Time

  1. Punctuality is a very important part of being a Muslim. It is critical that students are on time to school every day and that being late is reserved for a once in a while occurrence. Being late even 20 minutes causes a student misses ½ of their class. (Refer to the Parent & Student Handbook for more info onour attendance/late policy).
  2. Between 8:00am-8:15am, students do not need to be signed in, but do need toreport to the office for a late pass. 
  3. When students are late after 8:15am, parents need to sign them in at the office and get a late pass. Attendance records are legal documents. We realize that sometimes parents have other commitments and sometimes there are younger siblings in the car, regardless, parents must park the car and come into the school to sign in their children. Also, pleasedo not drop your child at the front.
  4. Tardy after the assembly at 8:00. Parents need to sign their child in the office and student will receive a tardy pass.
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