Arabic Language

As an Islamic school, AnNur teaches Arabic as a foreign language to enable the students to read and understand the Quran and Sunnah. Our task is complicated by having many students coming from Arabic speaking families, while for others it is a third language. AIS has developed its own standard and built a curriculum.

In lower grades (K-4), students have four periods of Arabic per week. Their curriculum is divided into three parts: reading, writing and vocabulary. In reading, students learn the letters of the Arabic alphabet, the sound-symbol relationship, the right-to-left eye movement required for reading, the short and long vowels sounds, the correct intonation and the silent and non-silent letters. They learn to read dialogs and short stories. At Fourth grade level, students must read accurately and at a moderate speed. In writing, students learn by tracing and coloring large Arabic letters. They write words by combining letters and by copying from books. Spelling and dictation are introduced gradually. Students learn simple grammar: verb, pronoun, simple adjective, simple preposition, verb conjugation, and nominal and verbal sentences. By Fourth grade, students are able to write sentences. In vocabulary, at each grade level, students learn words related to themes from their textbooks. Students are engaged in oral communication: listening, speaking and comprehension. Fourth grade students engage in simple conversation, answer simple questions, express feelings and memorize songs and poems.

The upper grade students (5-8) are divided into three levels according to their reading, writing and comprehension ability. The first level, Beginner, focuses on reading and writing simple sentence structures. This group consists of new students who are first time Arabic learners or AIS students who were identified with weakness in reading and writing. The second level, Intermediate, focuses on reading, writing, simple sentence structures and vocabulary. Students in this level are usually non-Arabic speakers. In the Advanced level, students learn to master reading at a normal speed and with great accuracy. They should be able to read any verses from the Quran. In writing, advanced students learn more advanced grammar rules and learn to correctly write words, sentences, a paragraph and finally an essay. By Eighth grade, students are expected to be fluent in Arabic.

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